Is it Black Friday??...


Recently we made some changes to our pricing sheet. Now as you know, the wedding photography world is a competitive one and sometimes you have to make difficult choices like "Do we charge more to get better gear so we could take better photos?" or "Do we charge less and make good photos an option for those who can't afford much but also not be totally broke?"...Well we struggled with that balance and after closing out 2017 we realized we had to raise our prices a little to offset all the other costs/time that we invest in Cobos Co., but shortly after doing that we realized that we started this business with hopes of making some money, sure, but also helping out those who can't afford 3, 4 or $5000 for wedding photos but still think photography is one of the most important things of the wedding day. 

And so here we are today...that's what happend...we raised our prices, but now lowered our prices to a comfortable middle for all of us. Now things might change in the future 'cause stuff happens, but for now this is where we're at and we hope you bring us alongside you in your journey to the altar in 2018! 

Hollow & Grace Cobos